Psychotherapy involves a client and a qualified psychologist meeting regularly for sessions. During sessions, clients have the opportunity to explore and discuss their problems, concerns, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and experiences. Psychotherapy can help people to understand themselves, their ways of relating to others, their responses to situations, as well as their vulnerabilities and strengths. This knowledge can be used to change unhelpful thoughts, feelings, behaviours, expectations, and patterns in relationships, as well as to develop adaptive responses, actions, and coping skills.

The relationship between the client and psychologist is focused on the client, protected by confidentiality and privacy, and can be used to explore and engage with topics the client may not be able to discuss freely with family or friends. The therapeutic relationship can also provide information on how the client interacts with people outside of therapy and can be used to develop helpful ways of relating to others.

Psychotherapy sessions usually happen on a weekly basis. There are times when changes to this format work better for the individual needs of the client and this can be discussed.